Amstel - 'Ride Together' experiential/integrated campaign

Amstel is the newly official beer sponsor of Prudential Ride London. To celebrate this, we recruited some lucky hopefuls to participate in the Amstel Challenge. We are celebrating the teamwork and togetherness of the cycling movement. After our teams of four cross the finish line, they will each be treated just like pros in the Amstel Velo. We’ll look after both bike and rider, as well as pulling all the data and professional pictures from their journey so they can relive and share it together. We’ll worry about the details, so they can revive, relive and reward the ride with a cold pint of Amstel. And they’ll have the chance to hear from our very own Amstel Team of Legends, who will talk about their own riding experiences together, and offer teams the chance for some impressive post-ride analysis… The Velo design is inspired by cycling geometry as well as Amstel roundel and the recurring shapes in our RideTogether lockup.